UM Study Buddy

Scheduling Service (COMING SOON!)

The core of UM Study Buddy is an advanced scheduling service that combines detailed information about the location & availability of rooms & buildings on campus to provide students with both short & long-term scheduling of campus facilities.

The scheduling service itself works something like this:
1. University officials provide edUMize with complete information as to the scheduling of all campus buildings & the ability to grant individuals reservation powers on certain rooms and computers.

2. edUMize stores this information in a large database

3. Students use one of three scheduling interfaces (shown to the right is the UM Study Buddy mobile app) to check the availability of rooms & computers today, tomorrow, and in the coming weeks.

4. Students schedule a room or computer for a limited amount of time and are granted access to that building or room through their MCard. Students are responsible for any damages that occur to a given room during their reservation period.

UM Study Buddy service is launching in the very near future! Please check back frequently!
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Step 2.
Step 3.